How Does MCL Work? How Can You Earn MCL?

How Does MCL Work? How Can You Earn MCL?


The way MCL is working is explained in various articles. But let's explain it in a way that everyone can understand. 

MCL working logic is very simple. The shortest and most natural way to earn MCL, that is, to produce MCL, is to use it in credit loops during shopping.


Let's say you are going to make a purchase as a buyer or seller by using another currency. When you pay in advance, the transaction closes there. 

If you shop with MCL with credit loops, you earn as both a buyer and a seller. For example, you make and sell hobby products with resin. You tell the buyer that you can sell with MCL credit loop. If the customer pays in advance, he will not gain anything. You lock the payment to the Marmara blockchain for 100% as collateralization. You can earn MCL rewards with 3x staking power until the credit loop maturity date. Let's say you don't want to wait until the end of the credit's maturity. So you need cash. You will get the material for the resin. You can transfer the credit loop to the supplier (this is called endorsement in postdated checks). Now the person who sells the resin material along with your customer continues to earn with 3x staking rewards. You can also make new loops with another customer.


MCL credit loops (MCL) is a system that supports the consumer, that is, the customer, and MCL reinforces the purchasing power of the customer. If the customer paid cash in advance, he would gain nothing. But when he did it with the credit loop, he got a chance to participate in 3x staking rewards. A useful system also for the seller; because you are now a manufacturer with high purchasing power customers. You can sell goods or services more easily. 


When you decide to make a purchase in installments using the MCL credit loops method, the buyer (issuer) locks the money on the Marmara Blockchain with the terms and installments agreed between both the buyer and the seller, instead of making a cash payment. For each credit loop until the end of the maturity, both the buyer and the seller get a chance to find block rewards on the Marmara Blockchain with 3x staking power. You may have heard of Bitcoin mining. In fact, they earn a reward, namely Bitcoin, by performing a kind of notary public service. They need energy and expensive computing power to earn Bitcoin rewards. To earn the MCL Award, the buyer and seller need to make credit loops during shopping. 

Therefore, MCL, Marmara Credit Loops, is a universal system as the first and only DeFi in the World designed to run in real economy to use during shopping. By using MCL Credit loops during shopping, both buyer, buyer and seller earn MCL Coin rewards.

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