Marmara Credit Loops

The First and the only DeFi system in the World designed to run in Real Economy

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Marmara Credit Loops (MCL)

To the contrary belief, banks are not the sole institutions for creating money based on credit.

In many countries all over the world, like banks, individuals are able to create money through post-dated cheques or promissory notes in a peer to peer manner. They work best in real economy.

Inspired by the paper-based blockchain nature of these promissory notes and post-dated cheques’ circulation, in the same analogy, Marmara Credit Loops Project aims to digitalize those credits on the blockchain while solving the problem of nonredemption of these tools.

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Marmara V.1.0 Protocol 1

100% Self-assured Credit Loops System

Marmara v.1.0 is a system that uses 100% self-assurance as a general feature, as an alternative to “Paper based Analog Blockchain of Trust Based Credit Loops” systems used worldwide. Every credit that comes out in Version 1 has a 100% collateralization.

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Marmara V.2.0 Protocol 2

Trust Based Credit Loops

Inspired from standard post-dated cheques, this system works based on trust. Marmara 2.0 Credit Loops in their basic form work in many countries as analog version on papers known as post-dated cheques and promissory notes in circulation.

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Marmara Credit Loops

Developed using Antara Framework technology by Komodo   Platform as Custom Consensus (CC) Smart Contracts 

3x Staking Power

3x staking when Activating/locking Coins in Credit Loops.

Block Rewards per Minute

Rewards per block per minute are 30 Marmara (MCL)


2,000,000 MCL

Annual Supply

~ 15,000,000 MCL