Rediscovering the Core: The Visionary Journey of Marmara Credit Loops
Message from the Marmara Blockchain Founder

Rediscovering the Core: The Visionary Journey of Marmara Credit Loops

Message from the Marmara Blockchain Founder

In light of recent discussions surrounding the price fluctuations of Marmara Credit Loops (MCL) following its listing on the exchange, we find it imperative to share some insights and reminders about the core values and long-term vision of our project.

Produce your own money and use it in real economy.
To the Esteemed Members of the Marmara Community,

In light of recent discussions surrounding the price fluctuations of Marmara Credit Loops (MCL) following its listing on the exchange, I find it imperative to share some insights and reminders about the core values and long-term vision of our project.

Understanding the Essence of MCL
Marmara Credit Loops is not a venture aimed at quick riches; it is a profound solution to the systemic issues of interest and commission imposed by the traditional banking and ecommerce systems. Originating from the concept in 2011 and evolving through the search for solutions to post-dated checks and promissory notes in 2013, our journey led us to blockchain technology in 2016. By January 17, 2020, we launched the Marmara Blockchain, introducing smart contracts as alternatives to traditional financial instruments, enabling interest-free credit issuance through blockchain.

The Three Fatal System Errors
Focusing solely on price leads to three fatal errors: goal displacement, functional distortion, and functional displacement. Such a narrow focus can cloud our judgment, leading to flawed analyses and decisions that stray from our mission. MCL was conceived as an innovation in blockchain, designed to function within the real economy, offering a decentralized alternative to the interest-based credit system.

Understanding the Real Value of MCL
Think of MCL not just as numbers going up and down on a screen, but as a tool that really helps people with their money problems. Imagine, for a moment, that MCL's price shot up quickly from just 1 penny to 18 pennies, and then dropped back down to 3 pennies. This kind of up and down is pretty normal for anything that suddenly gets a lot of attention. But what truly makes MCL valuable isn't how much it's worth in pennies at any given moment. Instead, it's about how much it's used and valued by the people who use it, not just how much people are talking about it or trying to sell it for more.

Let's put it this way: if we compare all of MCL to what you could get for mining a single block in Bitcoin (which is a lot, by the way, like 50 whole Bitcoins) in early days, it makes you wonder. Is all the smart thinking and hard work that went into making MCL only worth that much? It's a way of asking, "Hey, shouldn't we think more about how cool and useful MCL is, rather than just how many Bitcoins it's worth?" Where is the value of innovation and collective work of thousands of people in so many years?
Our Commitment to Innovation
Our focus remains steadfast on innovation and the practical application of MCL in the real economy. The launch of Zero Commission Zincir Market is a testament to our commitment, showcasing MCL's utility beyond speculative trading. And we remind that Zincir Market is just first startup within the Marmara ecosystem. Please read the 274 Innovative Ideas that revolutionize ecommerce with the zero commission thanks to the power of staking in Marmara Blockchain. As we continue to develop and enhance MCL's ecosystem, our priority is to maintain its relevance and utility in everyday transactions and financial solutions.

Looking Forward
Let us not lose sight of our revolutionary goals amidst short-term price fluctuations. I invite our community, especially those new to Marmara, to revisit our foundational articles and understand the depth of MCL's innovation. Together, we are not just creating a cryptocurrency; we are paving the way for a more equitable and decentralized financial system.

In Closing
I urge our community to remain focused on our long-term vision, recognizing the transformative potential of MCL. Let's continue to support each other, share knowledge, and build a future where Marmara Credit Loops plays a pivotal role in the real economy.
Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission.
Warm regards,

Prof. Dr. B. Gültekin Çetiner
Founder, Marmara Blockchain.

Unveiling the Revolution: How Marmara Credit Loops Redefine Finance and E-commerce

In a world where financial innovation is often boxed within the confines of traditional banking and interest-based transactions, the Marmara Credit Loops (MCL) emerges as a beacon of innovation. Drawing inspiration from historical financial inventions, MCL offers a groundbreaking solution that not only challenges but also transforms the very fabric of credit issuance and e-commerce.

A Legacy of Innovation

The journey of MCL is rooted in a profound understanding of financial history and the limitations of contemporary banking systems. Inspired by the age-old practices of barter and mutual credit, MCL reimagines these concepts on the blockchain, offering a decentralized, interest-free platform for credit loops. This not only pays homage to the financial ingenuity of our ancestors but also aligns with modern needs for transparency and fairness.

The Unsung Hero of Peer-to-Peer Credit

At its core, MCL is a hidden gem in the realm of peer-to-peer lending. By facilitating credit loops that mimic the trust and reciprocity of community lending, MCL enables users to unlock the potential of their assets without the burden of interest. This system empowers individuals and businesses alike, fostering a community where mutual support and financial empowerment go hand in hand. Read more from here.

Revolutionizing E-commerce with Zero Commission

MCL's impact extends beyond finance, revolutionizing e-commerce through the Zero Commission Zincir Market. This innovative platform challenges traditional e-commerce models by eliminating transaction fees, thereby democratizing online sales for vendors and offering unparalleled value to consumers. The acceptance of Zincir Market by Technopark Istanbul underscores the potential of MCL to bridge the gap between digital innovation and real-world application. Read more from here.

A Comparative Analysis with Giants

In the landscape of cryptocurrencies, MCL stands tall alongside giants like Dogecoin, AVAX, and Ethereum. However, unlike these platforms, MCL's unique proposition lies in its real-world utility and commitment to interest-free transactions. This not only sets MCL apart but also highlights its potential to redefine the role of digital currencies in everyday transactions.

Closing the Century-Old Economic Gap

MCL's staking power is not just a technical feat; it's a solution to the century-old economic gap created by interest-based banking. By offering a viable alternative through credit loops, MCL paves the way for a more equitable financial system, where value creation is rewarded without exploiting participants. Read the big revolution here.


The Marmara Credit Loops is not just another cryptocurrency project; it's a movement towards a more just and equitable financial ecosystem. By blending historical wisdom with blockchain innovation, MCL is setting new standards for credit issuance, e-commerce, and community empowerment. As we stand on the brink of this financial revolution, the question isn't whether MCL will change the world — it's how soon we're willing to embrace this change.

Rediscovering the Core: The Visionary Journey of Marmara Credit Loops


In an era where the digital transformation of finance often mirrors the constraints of traditional banking, Marmara Credit Loops (MCL) stands as a testament to innovation, challenging the status quo with a blockchain solution that harks back to the essence of mutual credit systems. This journey is not just about technological advancement but a rekindling of the foundational vision and mission that propels MCL forward.

The Genesis of a Revolution

The inception of Marmara Credit Loops was driven by a desire to address the systemic flaws of interest-based banking and commission-laden transactions. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of financial history, MCL was conceived as a modern solution deeply rooted in the principles of trust, reciprocity, and community support that characterized traditional barter and mutual credit systems. It's a bridge between the past and the future, leveraging blockchain technology to recreate these age-old practices in the digital age.

MCL: Beyond a Cryptocurrency

MCL transcends the typical boundaries of a cryptocurrency. It's a revolutionary platform designed to facilitate interest-free credit loops, mirroring the trust-based lending practices of small communities on a global scale. This innovation is a beacon for those disillusioned by the impersonal and often exploitative nature of conventional financial systems, offering a pathway to financial empowerment and mutual support.

E-commerce Reimagined

The Zero Commission Zincir Market, powered by MCL, is a groundbreaking initiative that redefines e-commerce. By eliminating transaction fees, it levels the playing field for vendors and provides unmatched value to consumers. This platform is not just an e-commerce solution; it's a statement against the excessive fees that plague traditional online marketplaces, offering a glimpse into a future where technology serves the many, not the few.

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder with Giants

In the crowded arena of digital currencies, MCL distinguishes itself through its commitment to real-world utility and ethical finance. While cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, AVAX, and Ethereum have made significant contributions to the blockchain space, MCL's focus on creating a sustainable, interest-free ecosystem sets it apart. It's a bold challenge to the prevailing norms of the cryptocurrency world, emphasizing the importance of utility over speculation.

Closing the Economic Divide

The staking mechanism of MCL is more than a technical innovation; it's a tool for social change. By offering an alternative to interest-based credit, MCL addresses a fundamental economic disparity, paving the way for a more equitable financial system. This approach is not just about providing an alternative; it's about challenging and ultimately changing the way we think about money, value, and community.


As we delve into the vision and mission of Marmara Credit Loops, it becomes clear that MCL is not merely a project but a movement towards a more equitable and transparent financial future. It's a call to action for those who believe in the power of innovation to address systemic issues and create a more inclusive economy. The journey of MCL is a reminder that at the heart of every technological advancement lies a vision of a better world. As we stand at the crossroads of history and innovation, the question remains: are we ready to embrace this vision and be part of the change?

Call to Action

Join us in this revolutionary journey. Rediscover the core values that drive MCL and be part of a community that's reshaping the future of finance. Together, we can turn the vision of interest-free, equitable financial transactions into a reality for all.

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