Zincir Market: Towards a Prosumer Economy
Beta Version Released

Zincir Market Beta Version Released

A team from Marmara Community has released the first ecommerce app utilizing the power of staking on Marmara Chain. The motto of Zincir Market is "Zero Commission Market for Prosumers". The team aims at Zero Commission that is a great problem in virtually all B2B and/or B2C systems. Both the sellers and buyers will pay no commission thanks to the power of staking on Marmara Chain! says the team of Zincir Market. The beta version includes both IOS and Android. Zincir means chain in Turkish. The term "Zincir Market" is used currently for big market compaines having many branches. Zincir Market team claims that the term zincir should mean blockhain in daily language. We appreciate their approach.    

What is Prosumer? 

The philosophy claimed by Zincir Market is based on the ideas by Alvin Toffler that have the roots with Ivan Illich, an Austrian philosopher, historian, and social critic. The word prosumer is derived from two words: Producer and Consumer.

We can see the prosumer as an individual who takes an active role in both the production and consumption of goods and services, enabled by new technologies and motivated by the desire for greater individual autonomy, creativity, and social and environmental sustainability. The idea is explained well in a previous article. You can acces the article from the link: What is Consumer Economy? 

Is Zero Commission Possible?

Zincir Market team believes that Zero Commission is possible by using staking power o blockchain. This is what Zincir Market team says about the possibility of Zero Commission on e-commerce systems:

Since Marmara Chain Works on PoS at 75% that is very high percentage, this staking power may be utilized to remove commissions completely. It is important to understand that staking coins on a blockchain requires a certain level of technical expertise and infrastructure. If you don't have experience with blockchain technology, it may be challenging to implement a staking mechanism in your ecommerce platform. Since we have experience with Marmara Blockchain for long time and working directly with Marmara team members and consult with the founders , we believe we can achieve this. It will be first in the World.  

Zincir Market App To Install

Zincir Market Beta Version is available on both IOS and Android.

 Download Zincir Market (Beta) Android. 

Download IOS (Beta) .

We wish success to Zincir Market team and encourage Marmara Community to benefit the high staking power of Marmara Chain with the applications that are only limited with your imagination. The sky is the limit.

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